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Providing Scientific Services for Attorneys since 1985

Accurate Forensic Services for Attorneys

Present your case confidently with forensic services for attorneys from our expert witness-consulting firm. LEXPERT, Inc. was formed in 1985 to provide scientific and technical services for attorneys. The individuals who provide for LEXPERT, Inc. are mostly current or former university faculty members who hold advanced degrees, research, and teaching backgrounds in their fields of expertise. These professionals have years of experience in the litigation of cases involving accident reconstruction, product liability, human factors considerations, accepted practices in the workplace, or patent infringement, both on the plaintiff and defense sides.

The individuals consulting through LEXPERT have been retained by corporations, insurance companies, manufacturers, and individual plaintiffs. At the present time, there are approximately 20 individuals who do some or all of their consulting through LEXPERT. The areas of expertise include the basics such as human factors, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, metallurgy, accident reconstruction, and biomechanics. LEXPERT also has experts working in other areas such as agricultural engineering, product and workplace safety, and force analysis and dynamics.

About the president

Robert R. Wright, Ph.D. is the president of LEXPERT, Inc. and former Assistant to Dean in the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH, where he taught mathematics, science, and engineering courses. He continues to do research and author papers in science and engineering and is a co-author of a collegiate textbook, in addition to numerous journal articles and scientific and technical presentations.

Dr. Wright's area of expertise is Force Analysis and Dynamics, which includes accident reconstruction, product design, vehicle stability, and safety. Dr. Wright has investigated and analyzed approximately a thousand different assignments involving various accident scenarios which have included both off-road and on-road vehicles in addition to workplace and industrial accidents and accidents caused by defective products. For most of these assignments, Dr. Wright has been asked to determine what caused and/or contributed to the accident and/or the injuries. He has been retained as a technical expert to analyze accidents in litigated matters by both plaintiffs and defendants (which have included corporations, manufacturers, and insurance companies). Manufacturers, such as SunnyBrook RV, Inc. and Eaz-Lift, have retained him to analyze, test, and testify about their products. In addition, he has been retained by numerous trucking companies to investigate and analyze various accidents involving their interstate trucks and trailers.

Dr. Wright has testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs as a technical expert on dynamics and safety. He has been asked on numerous occasions by the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) to participate in hearings and meetings. On one occasion, he was given an honorarium from the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission to spend a day with the CPSC staff to discuss his observations, calculations, testing, and opinions as it pertains to stability and safety.

The American Bar Association selected Dr. Wright to be one of the faculty members at their National Institute on Motor Vehicle Litigation which was held in Phoenix, Arizona. The scientists and engineers who organized The Third Biennial European Joint Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis which was held in Montpellier, France, selected him to be one of their featured speakers and give the presentation, "Accident Reconstruction and Reconstructive Analysis". Dr. Wright has appeared on several occasions as a technical expert on national television both in the U.S.A. and Canada. He has testified as an expert in Federal and State Courts throughout the United States. He has been qualified and testified in the courtroom each and every time that he has been tendered to the court. Every time that opposing counsel has challenged his expertise as not satisfying the legal requirements set forth in Daubert, Kumho, and Frye, the courts have ruled that he was qualified to testify as mentioned above. Dr. Wright has testified in dozens of litigated matters involving off-road accidents where the verdicts or settlements were in excess of a million dollars. There have been several in excess of 5 million dollars with the largest being a 35 million dollars verdict in Elba, Alabama (Barron vs. Yamaha, et al.).

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