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Expert Testimony

If you are heading to court for a case that involves an auto accident, an accident in the workplace, patent infringement, or product liability, you must have expert researchers and scientists working on your side. Additionally, it is important that these same individuals are able to provide you with reliable expert testimony to detail their findings. Our dedicated team at LEXPERT, Inc. has the right training and experience to provide you with professional and detailed expert testimony that you not only need, but also require.

We employ many of the top experts in the world. Our firm will provide you with a detailed background of each individual who will be giving expert testimony in the court of law on your clients' behalf. This will make it easier for you to use their testimony to make the biggest impact on your case. Our individuals are skilled at providing expert testimony and work directly with you to ensure there are no surprises in the courtroom.

We retain individuals in a wide range of fields, such as experts in human factors, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, accident reconstruction, biomechanics, product and workplace safety, civil engineering, electrical engineering, metallurgy, agricultural engineering, and force analyses and dynamics. Depending on your specific case, you may need to retain one or more of our leading experts.

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