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Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction is a complex process that requires the knowledge of individuals who have the right training and experience. At LEXPERT, Inc., we understand all the complexities of these processes, and we know the importance of accurate and detailed results. This is why we only use those individuals who have the vast amount of training and experience that makes them an expert in their specific area of research or science. Most of our individuals who consult through LEXPERT, Inc. have their doctorates and are present or former college professors.

We use individuals in a wide range of studies, such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, biomechanics, agricultural engineering, electrical engineering, and metallurgy. This helps to create a dynamic team of individuals who can handle any type of accident reconstruction process. This, in turn, provides you with the most accurate results possible that can help you with your case in the court of law.

Our law firm has access to well-designed testing facilities that provide us with the ultimate conditions to test our accident investigation results.  For example, our sister company (ATA associates in Houston, TX) works closely with us on many assignments that we have worked on in the past. We understand that our clients must work within the time frame of the court system, which is why we offer not just the accurate, but the prompt services you need as well.

We have handled numerous accident reconstruction assignments throughout the country. In fact, we have provided services in almost every state within the country and several Canadian provinces. 

Accident reconstruction

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